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Niagara Falls, New York

Super nice campground. The owner was on site and was happy to welcome tiny houses and schoolies. The campground during summer months would be a great place for kids as there are several really nice activities. The park is also dog friendly! Call ahead or book online.  The only negative is that this campground is not year round. 

We stayed in October and paid 55/night for 30amp hook ups


Boston, Massachusetts

Tiny Friendly and my goodness this campground is huge with over 1000 sites and the amenities are endless. We were so impressed with everything available. We look forward to returning. Best thing was you can drive to the train station less than 10 min up the road and take the train into Boston. 

We stayed in October and paid 55/night for 30/50 amp hook up


St. Augustine, Florida

NOT TINY FRIENDLY! We booked a site online. We read all the fine print and rules. It was never mentioned no tiny houses. We checked in, they took us to our site. We had no idea there was an issue until we went to ask if we could extend our stay 2 nights. We were refused and told we were not welcome. This park was beautiful and affordable.
We stayed in October and paid avg 50/night for full hook ups.


Mobile, Alabama

We found this park online. When we called they were happy to welcome our tiny home. I would suggest this park for people looking for a safe and friendly place to stay near Mobile but if you're used to RV resorts this is not the place for you. Most of the RV's here are long term stay. 
We stayed in November and paid 35/night for full hook ups.


New Orleans, Louisiana

Jude is not for the faint of heart or those used to RV resorts. It's a very small, loud(train and street traffic) and crowded park in the rough end of NOLA. However we did feel safe at night in the gated park and even felt comfortable walking to the store during the day, but were advised against being out in the area at night. The park was about 5 miles from the french quarter and it was easy to get a Lyft/Uber.  
We stayed in November and paid 35/night for full hook ups.


Waco, Texas

Typically this park does not accept tiny houses but when we explained we were traveling and only wanted to stay a few nights they allowed us to book. We really like this park. The owners are nice and while our parking is not very private there is a lot of land here. They built a small golf course and driving range and there are trails that wrap around the property. We checked with the owners and they said we were welcome to explore all the land. We were happy to hear this because we were able to have a lot of privacy and take the dogs through the woods and fields and let them run off leash. The wi-fi here is great and they provide everyone a free home cooked breakfast! It's a convenient stop off the interstate and a easy short drive into the city.  
We stayed in November and paid 49/night for full hook ups


Tusayan, Arizona

We loved this little campground and it  was only 7 miles from the Grand Canyon!  The staff was really friendly and was happy to have our tiny house! Also a huge bonus- it is right behind a Starbucks and a few other restaurants and post office. Only negative was that the laundry facility was not very clean and the machines didn't work very well.  Sites are close to each other but have a picnic table and fire ring. 
We stayed in November and paid 45/night for 30amp and sewer. Water was off because of winter but we were discounted for that and the water was right as you pull in and out so it was not a huge inconvenience.


Oakhurst, California

YOSEMITE! So we found this gem of a spot that we would encourage anyone to check out. It is a mobile home and RV mixed park BUT the Mobile homes are up the hill and in a separate area. The RV park is small but every site it beautiful. It's right on a small river. In the summer this would be an amazing spot as there is a huge swimming hole and a "beach" type area. We have really enjoyed our stay and it was a much needed peaceful experience. The drive to the south entrance to Yosemite is 25-30 min BUT if you actually want to go up and into the valley be prepared for an hour-hour and a half drive. Other than staying in Yosemite we feel that this is the best little spot. The town here also has everything you need along with some cute shopping and diverse dining options. 
We stayed in a water front site (#33) in Nov/Dec and paid 33/night for water and electric.


Coos Bay, Oregon

We were welcomed by a very friendly staff at Oceanside so much so we extended our stay for 2 months! We absolutely loved this small RV park right on the ocean. The park is near the small town of Charleston where you can get fresh fish and crab. Oceanside also provided us with complementary crabbing gear so we were able to enjoy a few days of crabbing and fresh crab for dinner that we were able to cook at their crab station. If you are ever wanting a real Oregon Coast experience.. this area and this park will give you the Hallmark movie experience you're looking for. 
We stayed December-February for 745/month(back in and 30amp)


Crescent City, California

We stayed 1 night at Ramblin' Redwoods. We thought it would be neat to stay in a forest setting since our last few months have been beach views. Booking here was super easy and i was able to do a self check in online. When we arrived to the park we didn't see a soul but we grabbed our information off the front door and pulled into our site. The campground is situated in the very middle of a forest and there are tons of trees and massive redwood stumps. From what we could tell it looks like a lot of the RVs here have been here long term as they have outdoor space arranged and some of the campers and vehicles had a lot of "moss" growing on them. However it is a nice location, very safe and private, our site was fairly large and clean. 
We stayed Jan 29th and (over)paid 65/night for a 30amp pull through.


San Francisco, California

This is the closest RV park to San Francisco. It was  really clean and had everything you need including an on site laundry mat. Spaces at this park are very narrow and you are right on your neighbor but it was not bad for an urban RV park. 
We stayed in Feb for 109 a night for full hook ups.


Monterey Area, California

This so far has been one of the best little campgrounds we have stayed. It just had an at home feeling. Everyone there was so friendly. They also had gas fire pits for rent so we were able to have a nice campfire in an area that doesn't allow wood burning. We stayed in Feb and paid 108/night for full hook ups.


Santa Barbara, CA

This little RV park was a gem. The owner/manager was very nice and accomodating. It was an easy in and out for us. It was not too far from the beach and we were also able to walk up the street for some of the best Mexican food we've had since leaving Mexico! We stayed here in Feb for 79/ night with full hook ups.


San Diego, California

(Not tiny friendly)I was really excited to stay at this park as their website listed them as the #2 park in the US. When we arrived it is nice however not the nicest we've seen. They do have a lot of amenities and activities...too many to list. I booked over the phone but when we arrived we were told that they don't allow tiny houses but they would go ahead and let us stay we were just not allowed to extend. This is only the 2nd time this has happened to us so far. We stayed in Feb for 1 week with Water/Electric(no sewer) for 549.00.


Gila Bend, Arizona

We love this park! They are tiny friendly and have the cleanest bathrooms and laundry that we've seen our whole trip. We stopped here by coincidence and ended up extending our stay. The rates are very affordable, the weather here is great. They have activities daily including chair yoga and line dancing as well as weekend entertainment. They also have a nice pool that they keep heated to 90! 
We stayed in Feb for 49.50 a night for full hook ups.


Terlingua, Texas

If you are looking to come to this area you have several options of where to stay. We chose BJ's. Now BJ's was not a fancy park by no means. I would say it covers all your basics and has a fairly great location. The owner and the people here are very friendly. I feel that they could spruce the place up a bit but we enjoyed our stay. It was a 20 min ride to Big Bend and the little town there in Terlingua was neat too. We stayed the end of February for 45 dollars a night for full hook ups.


Brownsville, Texas

This is a very nice park with huge spots. All the roads are blacktop and the spots concrete. They have a heated pool and hot tub and tons of activities. Everyone is super friendly and we have even considered staying for the winter here. However, the wind is insane. Every day all day... wind! We chose to stay here because of its proximity to South Padre Island and Nuevo Progreso, Mexico. I would highly recomend. We stayed for 2 weeks in March for 39.00 a day for full hook ups.  Also need to note- BEST WIFI EVER!