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We have had a wonderful journey the past few weeks. We departed Oregon a little bit early.. we were getting so tired of all the rain. The first thing we wanted to do of course was see the Redwood Forrest. We stayed at this pretty neat campground that was right in the middle. There were tree stumps that made our truck look like a miniature. It is absolutely amazing how big some of those trees grow. I always laughed about Paul's fascination with Sasquatches. Like surely to goodness if they existed we would have found one by now. Now after exploring the dense forest of the Pacific North West I find myself somewhat convinced. It seems like it's just miles and miles of huge forest. Everything in the PNW is so green and hearty from the ferns to the trees. For me it has been somewhat of a recharge for my soul.

We started heading south and came across an attraction called the Trees of Mystery. We decided to splurge and take a peak.. and what a wonderful surprise. We hiked a trail, saw some unique tree formations, read some history on Paul Bunion and even took a ride on a gondola among the tree tops. It was definitely something kids and adults would love, so we would highly recommend the stop if you are ever on route 101.

After the Trees of Mystery we decided to go to US 1 and take the coastal highway all the way to San Diego. I saw that the first 20 miles of US 1 were going to be insanely curvy and Paul would never agree so I did what us ladies do and I just withheld that little detail! I will say that I am very proud of his skilled driving as he navigated several kin pin / switchback curves without losing Little Blue to the bluffs! Once we made it to the coast and found a pull off we stopped for the night. By this time it was completely dark. We were on the edge of a cliff. We couldn't see water but we could hear it. The next morning we had just woken up and I was laying in bed scrolling through my phone when I saw the news...something that you would never want to read while you're in bed on the side of a cliff on US 1. Apparently not even 24 hours previously a large section of US 1 slid off the cliff right into the ocean. I sat up and looked out the window. We were on a large

cliff about 100 feet above the beach. Breathtaking views but omg did it make us a little nervous after reading all that!

We ended up going to a town called Ft. Bragg, CA where we saw Glass Beach. It was a super cool silver lining to pollution. In the 1950s the county was pushing off earthquake debris and large scrap materials off a cliff into the ocean. They had 3 of these dump sites. Since then they have gone in and removed all of the rubbish but all the glass remained. Over time that glass was tumbled in the ocean and as the years passed it covered these beaches in sea glass of all colors. Now sadly today so many visitors have taken the glass that it's not what it used to be. It is against the law to take glass from glass beach and we resisted the temptation but man what I would love to have that beach to pick from. I love finding sea glass.

Our plan was still to continue US 1 until we had to detour for the cave in and then get back on as quick as possible. Well, our plans always tend to get messy. I had closed out of my map to call my mom back and somewhere in that time all of a sudden the road got straighter and we noticed we hadn't seen the ocean in a while. When I checked the map again I realized Paul turned off of US 1 by accident somewhere and we were headed straight to a town that I had never heard of. I really felt like I was driving between Loretto and Howardstown- two really small towns in KY. Nothing but farms everywhere. We had the choice to turn around and correct or just follow the road we were on and then regroup.. we chose to keep going. Crazy as it sounds as soon as we made that decision we pulled into a heck of a city, Petaluma. I was tickled to death! The first thing I did was have Paul park so I could go shop at the huge Target! I got all our groceries we were needing and we had dinner right there in the Target parking lot before heading to the next spot.

I googled a bazillion different ways and this was the only RV park I could find that was on our route and close to San Francisco. It's not the nicest place but it works! We were happy that we didn't have any trouble being accepted. We pulled right in and backed into our spot. The spots here are so close that they do not fit our house and our Vespa's. I feel that were in a very safe area but it's also neat that behind us is a body of water and on the other side of the water is San Quintin Penitentiary- a notorious place that is the only prison in the state of CA to perform executions. We have had some really neat google and movie searches since realizing our proximity to the prison. We are also super close to the city here as well. We were able to go to see the Golden Gate bridge. I got to see it last year but this was Paul's first time. It's an amazing site to see, a bridge that massive! Paul has also been able to see SF for the first time, he loved it. He was amazed at the grade of the streets and how people parked on them as well as the different colored houses and the famous attractions.

Tonight is our last night here. I am excited to move on to our next place which is my favorite area of CA. Santa Cruz and Monterey. We will continue to take 101 through San Fran and then will get back on US 1 until we have to detour because of the cave in. From there we are thinking LA and then San Diego. If you have any pointers for us we are all ears! We are mostly looking forward to some more of this beautiful California sun before heading back east!

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