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A beautiful week ending in eviction

It has been a beautiful week here in St. Augustine, Florida. We have been able to spend some much needed time with our cousins and aunt, see the ocean, feel the sand on our feet, relax and feel the sun on our faces. The campground where we were staying, Compass RV Resort, was absolutely beautiful. We had the perfect corner lot surrounded by greenery on 2 sides, very private. We were so comfortable there and so we decided to go to the office to see if we could extend a few days. That is where we were met with the reality of living and traveling in a tiny house.

It is a really odd feeling being told "you should have never been allowed here", or you are not welcome here. It really made me reflect on so many issues facing many people. I understand why an RV park will not allow a tiny house. I am assuming it has to do with their zoning or rules beyond their control. It has nothing to do with the way our house looks. However I still felt so upset to be discriminated against. Now I can only imagine, people of color, immigrants, and foreign visitors who face discrimination based on their appearance. With no laws or logical reason as to why they are often told "you should have never been allowed here".

This week has been a very stressful week for us and many across the world. The current political environment has been nothing short of toxic. It has really brought out some of the best and the worst of people. For us we did not see an option. We are firm believers that every individual is equal and should be treated fairly, that immigrants should be met with a warm welcome just as lady liberty greeted members of our families. We believe that love is love and that the world needs more of it. For us we were not voting for government we were voting for humanity. There are still a few days before we know our fate but we pray for the soul of our nation.

As I write we are in a parking lot of an outlet mall, looking ahead to make a plan for our next stop. It is a new headspace to tap into... making plans when you do not have a schedule or a time frame. For us our only limit right now is money and cell service. We think we're going to the Destin area... we'll see when we get there!

PS. How cute is Keke in his life jacket?

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