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A lazy Saturday

It seems that we are the same on the road as we are at home... a little bit lazy! Today we planned to go to the beach. I had found one online that talked about the beauty and the pier. When we got there it said 'no dogs on the sand".. very odd... so we decided to change and go to North Beach Park. There too had signs for "no dogs on the sand". The decision was made to just enjoy the park as the views were beautiful. We sat out our towel and had a nice picnic lunch of tuna fish, apples and chips.

I'm not sure if i've ever heard of this little town that we drove through but MY GOSH it was the cutest town i've ever seen. Every house looked like one you would see on a hallmark movie. All the yards had huge trees with the spanish moss. You could hardly see some of the houses because of the trees. If you are ever near the area you should totally check out Fairhope, Alabama.

Anyway...the main goal of today(and tomorrow too) was to relax and try not to spend money. We are currently over budget so a few days with a cheap place to stay and no unnecessary expenses should get us back on track. We are living pretty comfortably right now and see a few places where we will want to spend money and others that we can cut back on.

Another thing that we have just noticed is how strange it is to keep your mind right. When we are in our home nothing changes... everything is exactly the same as when we had it parked in Kentucky. We have noticed when we lay in bed at night or get up in the morning.. we forget where we are. I sometimes open the front door and am surprised by my view... its not the corn field and tree line that i was used to in Springfield, or even the campground that we were at a few days ago.. but a new place. It just catches me off guard sometimes. In a strange way I hope that I can continue to forget where we are and feel like i'm home... even when i'm parked in a parking lot between two big rigs or a campground 1,000 miles away

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