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A Short Trip

We started off with a plan. As most people do. Our first stop was Niagara Falls, New York. We loaded up our truck, secured everything in the house, and pulled out headed north. We have been waiting to hit the road for what seemed an eternity. From talking about building a tiny house to finally hitting the road was a 5+ year journey.

So our original plan was to just head west but once we realized the timing of our departure fell on my niece's fall break we made a small adjustment. She had been wanting to see Niagara Falls for some time so we decided that we could spend a week visiting Niagara and then Boston. My mom and niece then planned to fly home from Boston while Paul and I continued on to Portland, ME where my main office is located. We were thinking of spending a few weeks there before following the coast down to Florida before heading west.

The drive was long from Springfield, Kentucky to Niagara Falls, New York. We arrived to our campground right after dark. The next day we went to Niagara Falls where we walked around the beautiful park and took a ride on the Maiden of the Mist.... yes it was SUPER misty.. sometimes so misty that we couldn't even see the falls... were were soaked! We had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe across the street and then headed back to the camp ground to spend the evening around the fire. I also needed to catch up on work at this point as well!

The next day we set out for a really long but beautiful drive to our campground just south of Boston. We settled in again right after dark. This night we settled for popcorn and a movie as we knew the next day would be long touring Boston.

To get into Boston we drove to the nearest train station and took the train into downtown. The city of Boston is beautiful. The history and architecture is amazing. There we toured all of the main attractions and had lunch at the market. We finished the day with coffee and gelato in Little Italy and then a tour of Paul Revere's house.

The campground we were staying at was absolutely AMAZING! Normandy Farms Camping Resort- so the following day we had planned to go see the cranberry bogs, visit an orchard to pick some apples for this years apple sauce, and then spend the rest of the day at our campground. As we settled into bed I got a phone call from Paul's sister. She told me that they had received a call from the hospital that Paul's father was not doing well and they didn't expect him to make it through the night.

This came as quite a shock to me as I quietly told Paul the news. We knew that his dad had been facing illness but we had no idea that he was this close to the end. We quickly got up. Paul took a shower and then we went to the laundromat to prepare him to fly home in a couple of hours so that he could be with his family. As we were putting our things in the dryer my phone buzzed again and I knew it wasn't good. I looked down and read the text that said "daddy just passed". I went over to Paul where I hugged him and told him.

It was very difficult for us to be so far away when we received the news. I wish Paul was able to be there with his family in the room when his father passed. However we are very fortunate that we live in a tiny house on wheels... because of this we had moved our house to his parents driveway for 2 months prior to our departure. The time we spent there with his parents before our departure allowed him to spend some forever valued time with his dad.

We decided that it was now best at this point for Paul to just sleep, forget the flight and the next day we would just pack up and head home. The drive was so long, two days in fact. We stopped overnight at a small truck stop where we got about 7 hours of sleep before completing the trip to Springfield.

The funeral was a few weeks ago. We still miss Mike, and will every day. We both just keep saying that it's so "weird" that he's gone. He was the kind of man that you just can't imagine life without. The past few weeks we have spent working to get the garage back in order and making sure that Paul's mom has everything she needs and is in good shape for winter.

This is the first time we have been able to see how blessed we are to live in our tiny house. It has allowed us to be more present. Physically and mentally. We have been able to be right here where we need to be. We have grown a lot closer to Paul's siblings and Mother because we are here and available.

I have a feeling that we are going to see this time and time again. Moments that are more meaningful and blessed because of sacrifices we have made to go tiny. Each day we wake up we are so thankful for this life that we have chosen.

In Memory of Paul's Father, may he rest in Peace.

Frederick "Mike" Michael Wheatley


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