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Dauphin Island-> NOLA

Yesterday was our last day in Mobile. We took the dogs and headed 35 min south to Dauphin Island. We took an incredible bridge to get there it seemed to go on forever. Once we got on the island it was very obvious that the recent hurricane did quite the number. The island is really not much but a long strip of sand. There is a road that goes to the west end of the island. After it dead ends the sand goes another 9 miles out. All the houses are on tall stilts and seem fairly new. When we went on the beach we only saw a hand full of others who were just out walking, at times we were the only ones in sight. The dogs were relieved to get to run without their leashes. They played so hard. I told Paul, if we ever get rich... were buying a house here. lol. Dauphin Island was such a neat place I would recommend anyone who loves their space and the beach to add it to a vacation bucket list.

We pulled out of Mobile this morning and continued West on I-10. We finally arrived to a place I have been wanting to see for so long, New Orleans! We are staying at Jude Travel Park. It is a tiny urban park. RVs are literally stacked in here. I think it's a little bit of a rough area but I feel safe where we are.

I spent all day working- in the truck this morning and then all afternoon in the house. We decided for the evening to unload our Vespas and take them to the French Quarters about 5 miles from where were staying. We rode up and down so many streets just taking it all in. It is such a unique place. We parked in a little lot and had dinner at New Orleans Creole Cookery. Oh my gosh it was so good. We had some jambalaya and red beans and rice. Then since we were splurging we figured we might as well have desert... Banana. Foster. Cheese.Cake. I'm not sure if we were just extra hungry or what but that was the best desert i've ever had! If you are ever in NOLA... get the desert! haha

Tomorrow we are going to go in the morning for breakfast and take a look around the city. After that we will come home as I will need to work all afternoon/evening. Luckily our little RV park has the cutest little pool that Paul can go and relax in. It's still super warm here and were thinking we might have pulled out our cold weather close a little too early.

Below is a picture of where they had to push the sand off the road after Zeta. The piles of sand were taller than our truck all the way down the road.

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