• Katie

Hi, Paul here with an update

We left waco texas and headed to dallas. Got to the other side of dallas, stopped to eat. Parked at an office depot so katie could work. I unloaded my vespa and rode back into and dallas . I arrived in dealey plaza where the infamous JFK assassination took place. Drove a few blocks to park and headed straight to the grassy knoll. I have always been fascinated with this moment in history and couldnt wait to visit. Once there i saw an individual by the name of James Files , who claims to have shot kennedy from the stockade fence. I chatted with him briefly. Not knowing what to ask or say i proceeded to the 6th floor museum. It contained alot of pictures and original artifacts from that day. After i finished there i walked up Houston steet and made my way back to elm street. I headed back to load the vespa and continue on our journey. We made it to vernon texas for an over night stay at truck stop. Drove to new mexico stayed the night at a rest area. Got up around 5am and started driving. We made it to el malpias national conservatory and monument . Saw a lot of awesome views took lots of photos. Got the dogs for a little hike too. We were planning on stopping at petrified forest but it was late in the day for another adventure. Headed west to hopi truck stop for some rest. we plan to go to petrified forest tomorrow.

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