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Well... it's been a few days since I posted last. I sat down a few times to write and never got the words out. The truth is this past week I have been feeling a little blah. I struggle with bi-polar depression and anxiety. For the most part I am really in a healthy place mentally. The best I have been in years! However, when there is a lot happening,or I interact with too many people I have what I call a "hangover". When i get to feeling this way I know it's time to recharge my batteries. This week has been just that.

When we left New Orleans we thought we would stop before we got to Texas but we actually made it to the welcome center before stopping for the night at a rest area. We ended up staying at this rest area for like 12 hours. We cooked a good dinner, I got some work done and we went to bed. The next morning we woke up but my get up and go was not there. Finally we took off towards Houston where we originally wanted to stop but once we got there we decided to keep on moving. The thought of trying to figure out how to park the house, get into the city and to leave the dogs or take them... it was just too much for that day. I have been wanting to go to Waco, Texas for a while now. The only thing i knew about Waco was Chip and Joanna Gains but I wanted to see Magnolia and the Silos in person so i started to look for us a place to stay there.

We have learned now that you have to call several parks before you can find one willing to let a tiny house in. This is mostly because we fall in a gray area. They see us as a mobile home not a recreational vehicle and most RV parks are not permitted for mobile homes, just RVs. We got lucky on the first call this time with I-35 RV park. First they told me no but when I explained that we were technically a travel trailer and we were only wanting to stay a night or two, they accepted us. We arrived kind of late. It was the longest day of driving we have had since our trip from Kentucky to Florida, so all of us were pretty tired.

When we got up the next day I realized that the constant moving was a little much for me and i needed to stay in this same place for a week so I could have time to work, rest, relax and enjoy being here. I feel like when we are moving every few days I am missing out, and causing Paul to miss out on sight seeing because my work comes first. For example in New Orleans we only were able to go out for dinner one night and then the following day I decided to go in the morning for breakfast to the french quarter and then work the rest of the day/evening. Realistically for us to get to really immerse ourselves in the local culture while I work full time we need to plan our stays for more than 2-3 nights. This week has been a lot better. I don't feel rushed and I have been doing great work.

I didn't realize Waco was not just the home of Chip and Joanna but Baylor University. It's a pretty good sized college town that has a really cool vibe. They have a riverfront park that is beautiful, their down town has plenty of shops and things to see and do. We also went to Rudy's a popular BBQ restaurant here. Aside from Waco we have gone out for several nice afternoon drives and we discovered a town called West, Texas. It was a really neat place to visit as 3/4 of the population there is of Czech descent. It was really neat for us to see as we hosted a boy, Filip, from the Czech Republic and we also visited him and his family in Prague. There we were able to have a great lunch with Czech puffs and beer and some kolach pastries for home.

We have really enjoyed being here all week. This RV park where we are staying has a lot of land and the owners told us we could go and explore as much as we wanted. This permission couldn't have come at a better time. The weather is perfect fall weather here, mid 70s and sunny. We have been going for hikes on the land and letting the dogs run off leash. The trails here are maybe a mile or two but still really nice to have. My legs are staying sore from so much walking but I am looking forward to our time in the North West, as i know there is beautiful areas to hike there!

Up until yesterday we didn't really have a plan but I think we have come up with one. We are leaving here on Friday heading to Dallas first. Paul is really into history and wants to see where JFK was assassinated. Then next stop is the Grand Canyon. We have been all around it but never to the park. So that's on the list for sure. After the Grand Canyon were thinking, Death Valley National Park, Yosemite National Park and then Redwood National Park before ending in Coos Bay, Oregon where we are planning to stay for a few months.

We are both so excited to get to see some of these National Parks. For Christmas last year my boss gave me a National Park pass so we won't even have to pay to get in. I have been dying to use this pass all year and i'm glad that i will get good use of it before it expires Jan 1. We are also pretty excited about Coos Bay. I found a park there that is happy to have us stay and we can rent by the month. It is a beautiful area. I was also told recently that you can whale watch from the coast, how cool is that! We will also get to experience some cooler weather but not too bad as the weather in Coos Bay typically doesn't drop below 45 in the winter!

Hopefully my next update will be from the Grand Canyon!

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