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Story time.....

Going back a few years ago.. I was working as an independent contractor for an organization. I worked so hard but was not satisfied with how things were going. I was looking for another organization to work for but had not yet found a good fit. That is when I got word that 2 incredible women who I looked up to had made the move to begin Pan Atlantic Foundation... I immediately wanted in.

Long story short I had earned a trip to New Orleans with my previous organization. I was beyond excited to go to NOLA. It was a place I had been looking forward to visiting for a long time.

Well.... once they got wind that I was working with Pan Atlantic they "un-invited" me from the trip to New Orleans. I was upset, frustrated and felt cheated. It was that last thing that happened that confirmed I was making the right decision leaving.

Not long after I began working with Pan Atlantic I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be. Everything felt so right. One day I had a knock on my door.. it was flowers for me with this card attached.

Y'all... I was so touched by this small gesture that I still have this card today. I keep it in my work notebook as a reminder.

Every once in a while when I am going through my things this little card will fall out. It reminds me of two things.... I am right where I'm suppose to be and to never underestimate small gestures, you never know how much it means to someone

Sometime it takes others acknowledging you to make you see that you have to trust yourself to make changes. When somethings not working and you find yourself frustrated you have to remember you are never stuck where you are. You are in control and you can make the choice to make a change.

Now bring it back to this week... I got to visit New Orleans!!!! This is a huge milestone for me. Not only because it was somewhere I wanted to go but it really brought fourth that ah ha moment. Pan Atlantic took a chance on me and there is not one day that passes that I am not grateful. I work for literally the best leadership I could ever imagine.

They constantly let me know how I am appreciated and they are so good to me. Because of them I have been allowed this opportunity to not only see New Orleans but the US. They gave me the step up I needed to be able to reach our dreams.

New Orleans was everything I imagined. It was amazing from the French Quarter to the po' boy. I loved every minute.

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