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Next Stop: Mobile, Alabama

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

When we left St. Augustine, Florida we were calling around Pensacola to see if we could find a nice little place by the beach to relax for a few days on white sand before heading farther west. Well..... we did not find one campground in Pensacola that would allow tiny homes. I personally was very annoyed. I had been working in the car for some time but decided it was best that we just stop for the afternoon so we could stretch and I could work in my "office". We decided to park at a Walmart.

There just happened to be a new Dr. office next to us that was doing a promotion so they were outside. I urged Paul to go check to see if they thought it was a safe place to stay for the night. He came back with big eyes and his response was, " they asked if we had bullet proof windows". I knew the place looked a little sketch but little did i know it was a very rough area after dark. So we moved to another Walmart that the Dr. suggested. We pulled in, fixed lunch and then realized they didn't allow overnight parking at this particular Walmart. UGH! So I asked Paul, "can you please call around and see if you can find us a place to stay while I finish up work." He found a place! It was just an hour drive from where we were and he said the pictures online looked nice.

We pulled into "Pala Verde Mobile Home and RV Park". It is not as nice as the photos but the people so far have been really friendly. However I do think that we are the only non-permanent resident here right now. It is a very unique set up that I had not envisioned when we were looking for places but we have full hookups and a very comfortable spot in the shade for one heck of a deal. We decided to stay here until Monday!

On the way in we saw the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial. If anyone knows Paul... he was pumped. Today he got up and went to visit the park and the battleship while I work at home. We are not too far from Dauphin Island so this weekend we plan to spend our days there. The dogs love the beach and Paul and I could watch the waves all day. Monday we will head out again following US 10. I am looking forward to seeing Louisiana!

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