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Unexpected Change in Direction

We worked our way down the coast of California. The whole trip was amazingly beautiful. I don't think that it is humanly possible to get tired of looking at the ocean. There were several places that I wanted to show Paul. I have visited the coast previously and I knew that he had to see San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Monterrey. We really loved San Fran and spent one whole day in a rental car going around the city and taking the steep streets. It was also an extra special treat to get to hang out for the evening with a friend of mine from college.

One of my favorite experiences on the coast was staying at this super cozy RV park in the valley called Carmel by the River. We only stayed a few nights over the weekend but one day we took the Vespas all the way to Big Sur and back. It was so neat to take US-1 on a bike! We pulled off and took lots of pictures and then once reaching Big Sur we found a little restaurant by the river that have live music. It was just a cool vibe there and we look forward to going back. The next day we heard that it was a thing there on the weekends to take the dogs to the beach. This was my first experience with 100s of dogs on the beach. Both of our boys loved it. They ran and played and I dug for sea glass while Paul sat and sun bathed. I think if we ever become rich we will definitely try to live in Carmel-by-the-Ocean.

We then found a place in San Diego where we stayed for a week but then we couldn't find anywhere that would accept our tiny house. The place that let us stay didn't accept us either.. but after some pouting they agreed to let us stay the one week we reserved over the phone but wouldn't let us extend. I was really bummed because we had totally planned to spend a month in Southern California on the ocean. I am not sure why SoCal doesn't like tiny houses... weird.

After spending some time looking for a place without success we just started heading east on 8. We drove most of the day and finally pulled off to stay the night in a casino parking lot. The best thing about traveling in your house is that it doesn't really matter where you have to park you always feel at home. Even when you're in a parking lot instead of your preferred camp ground. The next day we headed out we had Phoenix in mind. I started looking for RV parks along our route and found this gem where we are now.

Sonoran Desert RV Park is located in Gila Bend, Arizona. It's literally right in the middle of the desert. It is so peaceful here and the park is so nice. This is one of the best that we have stayed at. The weather is so nice here we are kind of mentally stuck. We can continue our route east to head home but that means cold weather... we love it here but we can't stay forever. I think we will stay until next Friday and then move along.

Our goal is to be home by April 1st. This is when the tags on our truck and trailer expire. However now we have even more exciting things to go home for... 1. my brothers wedding and 2. my other brother is having a baby. We have a very busy summer planned so we decided to spend it in Springfield, KY! This is going to give us time to enjoy family and friends and niece and nephews. The dogs get to see all their buddies. Paul can help his mom around the house and plant a garden, maybe work a little for my dad.

When we started out on the road for the first time last fall we though we would be gone a solid year. We didn't want to make any kind of plans or have any specific direction. We just wanted to go where we felt we were meant to go.. . and I really have enjoyed doing just that.

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