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Well... it's been a while...

I told myself when I decided to start a blog that I would make time to post... I did good for a while then blah! I didn't realize that my last post was from Thanksgiving in the Grand Canyon. A lot of time has passed but we haven't covered much ground. We made our way up to Coos Bay, Oregon where we settled in at Oceanside RV Resort. It's a nice cozy nest right on the ocean and we absolutely love it.

We knew that we would stay here a month. We wanted to be settled in somewhere before we flew home for Christmas. It seemed that everything worked out perfect. We had a great few weeks of sunny days and rainy nights a lot of walks on the ocean and seafood! We were really nervous about leaving Dungey behind for Christmas but he's too big to fly. We finally found this AMAZING lady on to watch Dungey. He had a great week with her and I would highly recommend using that platform. Now poor Keke... what I wouldn't recommend is flying with your p

et. The airlines could care less how your pet feels they just

want them in their bag under the seat. I stressed the entire trip over my baby in his little carrier. I'm pretty sure we traumatized him. Flying home for Christmas overall was super stressful, expensive and exhausting.. .but totally worth it.

This year was different as it was the first without Mike, Paul's dad. It made me realize even more how precious moments and holidays can be. I believe next year we will just have to try to plan our route to circle back home for holidays.

After we got back we decided to extend until Feb. 1 here at Oceanside. Until yesterday we haven't seen the sun since before Christmas! It has rained every day. It's not that cold here though so its really not too bad. My new outfit of choice has been a toboggin, rain coat, leggings and boots. Yesterday the sun came out and it was so nice that we did a walk on the beach and then Paul when hiking with Dungey while me and Keke stayed home and worked all day. We then finished our day with another walk on the beach and a bon fire. We were super surprised today when the sun came out again. I had to work all day so I only went out for a walk this afternoon with the dogs. Sunny days in the Pacific Northwest make the rainy days totally worth it. It is so beautiful here. It's truly captivating.

Other than walking the beach we have learned how to crab! We went 2 days in a row... the first was not a good day but the 2nd day we got several nice crabs. We had ourselves a little crab boil. Paul had never had crab before and he was NOT happy about having to dig his dinner out of shell. He ate maybe 2 legs and then was done...haha I took the next hour shelling the crab. The next night we made crab cakes and we both really enjoyed those! Clam/Oyster digging is big here too but we haven't dug for any yet. Were not really sure what we would do once we got them and I am completely content just getting my clam chowder from the Fisherman's Grotto in town!

We still have a few weeks before we move again but we plan to head north to see Washington. I specifically want to see Forks (Twilight nerd here) and Seattle (Grey's Anatomy fan here). From there we will do what I have been dying for Paul to do... take the coast all the way down to Mexico! I have told him about the coastline and he's seen the beauty of the ocean and cliffs here but something about that drive will be the icing on the West Coast cake for us!

Another thing that we have been talking about for the past few weeks.. that I think will shock a lot of people but we want to go smaller! We love our tiny house... building Little Blue was a dream of ours for years! However we have learned that living in a tiny house has been somewhat limiting. We cannot go into congested areas and cities and off grid camping is a little more difficult. We want to invest in solar but now we are thinking we should hold off and add that solar to something smaller. When we started our tiny house build I was so worried we were going to go too small and then hate it. But now I think we went too big. lol

We have talked about keeping Little Blue and parking her in Kentucky so we can convert a van for travel and then have the big house for "home". On the other hand though I am not sure if we build a van for travel if we will be home enough to appreciate Little Blue. Ah decisions decisions....

Anyways. I guess that's it for now. Later!

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