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You Can't Get Lost When There's No Destination

Well we did it again. We know we need to be back home on April 1st and our only other planned stop is San Antonio, Texas. We looked at a map several times and just couldn't make our mind up... so we just followed the boarder. We could have taken the interstate, but where's the fun in that? While looking at the map for the 100th time I realized that Big Bend National Park was just a days drive south of us... we didn't need to be in San Antonio until the 20th of March so we went for it.

West Texas is definitely a very unique place. We didn't expect to feel so isolate and surrounded by mountains but there we were. I started to look at things in the area and found a place called Marfa. So that was our first stop. The town is a quaint little town where it seems that wealthy artist decided to take over a remote area. There is art everywhere. I'm not sure if many know but in Marfa there is a Prada store right in the middle of nowhere. Another place we found was the Marfa Lights Viewing Area. It's been a strange occurrence for years that no-one can seem to figure out... but there are these orbs of lights that can be argued as car headlights or a camp fire. We decided to stay the night at the viewing area and have a look for ourselves. Most people go several times and never see them but we were lucky. Right as the sun set we started to see them in the distance. Right as i was convinced they were headlights they would split into 3 and then 4 and then back to one. The other couple parked in front of us told us the next morning that the lights had came even closer right in the middle of the field. They too were shocked and didn't know what to think. It was definitely an interesting stop.

After Marfa we came through the town of Alpine. Another really neat town. I believe this is definitely an area that we will come back to explore more of. While in Marfa someone we met suggested Terlingua. It was previously somewhat of a ghost town but it since has started to come alive again. This whole area of neat little towns kept me guessing. I told Paul multiple times... this place is so weird... but like the neat cool kind of weird. It had a strange draw on me that made me want to stay. Unfortunately in this area there is like ZERO cell service and the internet is crap... so we didn't stay too long.

While we were there we did get to go and explore Big Bend National Park. It was such a beautiful park. I kind of cheated and took the quick tour on Sunday but Paul went back a few days that week to go hiking while I worked. He would send me pictures and I knew it was a place that we would have to come back to. I want to do some hiking myself. Both of us underestimated the park and were pleasantly surprised. Next time we will plan in advance and try to stay in the park to save on drive time. It's somewhat like Yosemite in the way that it's a large park and you need time to get from one thing to the next. But so beautiful!

We thought that we were going to stay in that area for a while but when the internet was bad we had to move on to higher ground. If I can't work then we can't stay.. that's the rules. We headed south to exit the park as we were told to go south on 90 to take the back way to San Antonio. As we were leaving the park we were trying to figure out where to stay until the 19th. With plenty of time to kill we just had to go to the beach. South Padre Island it was. Unfortunately we couldn't find any affordable accommodation on the beach for Little Blue so we settled with Brownsville.

This town has been a nice resting place. We have had beautiful weather. We are very comfortable and they have a Target! haha. But really... I haven't been in a real store like Target in a LONG time. It was exciting! I really do love exploring everywhere buy my heart and soul needs two things... urban areas and water! Brownsville is situated just 30 min from the beach and 45 min from the international bridge into Nuevo Progresso, Mexico. Last weekend we spent our days by the pool and on the island.. this weekend we plan to cross into Mexico for the day. I am very much looking forward to that. In between I am working and Paul is practicing his long board and laying by the pool.

It is starting to hit me that we are soon planning to go home for summer. I'm a bit excited but also anxious. I'm not sure how it will be to be stationary that long when we just got used to traveling. We have a list a mile long that we are looking forward to. My brother is getting married to a super amazing woman that already feels like family... my other brother is having our first nephew.. our first Wheatley family vacation in Florida and my best friend is getting married so bachelorette party here we come... and that is just the start of it. So while Little Blue might not be on the move all summer... we sure have plenty to keep us going!

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